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About the Book

Robert Werling was a good friend with the master photographers of the West Coast from 1966 when he met Ansel Adams through 2003 when the last of these masters died. Imogen Cunningham was the first to die in 1976 and Cole Weston was the last in 2003. Bob often told entertaining stories about photographing and working with those friends. Since Bob is the last of that genre using the old masters printing processes with silver gelatin, I thought it most appropriate to tell his stories in his own words.

I added historic information including letters, postcards, and historic documents along with photographs to bring this time of photography to life. That period of history is gone but should not be forgotten. Hope you enjoy reading about Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard, Imogen Cunningham, Brett Weston, Cole Weston, and Marion Post Wolcott.

About the Author

Sharon L. Campbell is both an engineer and a fine art painter by training. Her technical background ranges from teaching mathematics in high school and college to systems engineering and program management for the aerospace and automotive industries. Her engineering experience includes many years as a technical writer.

She is now a plein-air (on location) artist who fuses realism with impressionism. Other artists describe these paintings as "poetry in motion painted by a colorist". These seemingly diverse backgrounds compliment her serene, storied paintings with technical insight. S. L. Campbell's collectors are worldwide including Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, all over the Mid-East, and the United States. When asked about her activities she responded, “I am compelled to create.” Check out her web site at www.slcampbell.com.


I have thoroughly enjoyed your book, Master Photographers I Remember. What a tribute to West Coast photographers, Bob's "photographic memory, " and his friendly personality I recall from visits and field trips. It's sad that so many of them have passed on. However, this memoir captures the exciting climate of those times for future generations of collectors and photographers. I'm happy to have it among the books and memories I treasure.
Bruce Lader; Award-winning author of six poetry books and educator

I am reading your book with great interest. Good job!
Sam & Karen

It's a beautiful book. One I'll cherish. I looked it over on your web site. You did a fantastic job ! Kudos to you !
Steve McMurtry, MD

Das Buch von Sherry finde ich großartig. Du kannst Stolz sein. Es ist ein Buch Deiner Lebensgeschichte, mit all Deinen Beziehungen, Freunden und Bekannten.
Ich bin sehr Stolz darauf ein Teil dieses Buches zu sein. Bilder von unserer Gruppe in Schweinfurt und dann noch neben denen von Ansel, Immogen, Brett, Cole, und anderen.
Friedrich Saller, Retired automotive engineer, and photographer in German

Wow! what an accomploshment. Conngratulations on your book. You really put a lot of talent and effort into this project. I am impressed.
Sue Slater, Fine art artist


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